10 Songs I Like, vol. 8

by Mitchell Parrish

PC: Joey Agresta

Finally, my turn. Here’s a list of tunes I’ve been jamming to recently. Some old, some new, and some I’ll probably never stop listening to. After putting this list together, I realized how much more music I wanted to “cher”— so I’ll be back. Drop me a line if this connects with you. Oh, and yes there are 11 but that’s because Joey Pizza Slice is a genius.

“Berlin Got Blurry” – Parquet Courts

I mean they may be my favorite band on the planet right now. From their 2016 release Human Performance, I think this track nicely packages the gritty, atonal tendencies of PQ’s sound in a catchy, almost poppy tune. The video is fire too.

“New York” – St. Vincent

I love St. Vincent. She’s keeping art rock alive and well with her own eclectic flair. And in the world where gimmicks dictate marketing campaigns, she’s got her own funny version of that (Arcade Fire, you should take notes).

“Rio” – Low Cut Connie

These Philly-based rockers have been putting in the work for almost a decade now and they are FINALLY blowing up. Think Jerry Lee Louis meets The Fonz (Oh and Obama digs them). I wish there was a dope video for this tune, but I guess you’ll just have to see them live.

“Overkill” – Men at Work

This song came on shuffle recently and it may just be the greatest song ever. Of course, I’m exaggerating. But if you spend your whole life only knowing “Land Down Under” then hear this song for the first time, you may lose your mind.

“Baby Girl” & “I Feel Like Shit And I Want to Die” – Joey Agresta

Formerly known as Joey Pizza Slice, Agresta put out a masterpiece early this summer called Let’s Not Talk About Music. The Burlington, VT legend is a audiophile with a proclivity for the esoteric & the strange. His songs are haunting, uplifting downers and his live show is somewhere in between Andy Kaufman & Morrissey. There’s nothing like it. Because of that, I’ve included 2 trax.



“Vegas” – Big Thief

This song hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it. And it’s stayed with me. I was lucky enough to see them on two separate occasions this summer — once in a church in Winooski, VT & another time at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival — and both times I was floored by the coy intimacy their music (at the Church, I was actually on the floor, melting).

“Believe” – Cher

It’s the song of the summer. Every summer. And as we wave goodbye to this one, you can hold on for just a little longer with this timeless track. BUMP IT.

Ship of Fools” – Grateful Dead

It would be a Parrish playlist without a little Dead. My buddy Sam made a heady-deady playlist with this track on there, from Dick’s Picks Vol. 31. I found myself coming back to this particular version a lot this summer.

“When You Were Mine” – Prince

Since his passing, I’ve really made an effort to dig into Prince’s catalogue. This track just hits me in all the right places. And what I really love is the mix: a super present Stratocaster grinding out the rhythm parts, soft, groovy drum machines holding it down, and a velvety synth to wrap it in a bow. Delicious and dirty.

“Element” – Kendrick Lamar

I don’t think I need to say anything about this. My personal favorite on the best album of this year.



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