By Chris Synder

Photo credit: JB Snyder and Kimock.com

You have been in a number of projects in the past few decades. In one of your newest projects, KIMOCK, you come together with Leslie Mendelson, Bobby Vega, and your son, John Morgan Kimock. How did this project come about?

It began as an extension of my recent solo record, The Last Danger of Frost, but it pretty quickly became its own thing.

Do any shows that you have performed over the years stand out to you? Any moments that are etched into your memory?

The DAR house in the rose garden across from Nitschmann Jr High school in 1970 seems evergreen, but other than that it’s a blur.


Steve Kimock

Are there any guitar players in the scene today that you enjoy watching or performing with?

I’ve watched too many to count, but I just enjoy guitar playing. “Performing with” is a little different because the kind of musical chemistry I most enjoy requires decades of familiarity so the “with” list is a short list of old guys, or maybe an old list of short guys, depending on the continent.

On a number of occasions you have been invited to play with The Everyone Orchestra led by Matt Butler. How does it feel to play with a variety of musicians in an all improvised setting?

Fantastic. EO has a special place in that musical universe because it’s  interactive with the audience and always such a high and positive vibration. Great project, lots of respect to Matt for keeping it going.

How would you define success in the music industry?

Seriously? Who the fuck even cares at this point?



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