by Chris Snyder

Photos by Jason Charme Photography

Over the past decade the band has a number of studio albums under its belt. How has your approach to the recording process differed from the Magreenery to your latest effort Pattern Integrities?

Billy: Pattern Integrities was much different than any other album we’ve done. It was interesting because not everyone would be in the studio at the same time and there might have been two times when we we were all in there together. People would go in and record parts, just really get weird and do their thing, and the next day someone else would come in and listen and sort of play off that. It was really cool. Magreenery was so long ago I think we used a wax cylinder to record it, I don’t really remember.

You guys are excited to be back to The Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA. Are there any acts you’re excited about checking out for the first time at the festival?

Sam: My Morning Jacket is super inspiring. I’m excited to catch up with The Werks, Aqueous, Pigeon Playing Ping Pong, and see what they have been up to musically. Dopapod Orchestra, now that i have to see.


The music you guys create is described as “space rock.” In the live setting your are known to throw in a mix of genres. How would you describe your music?

Anthony: Our music is progressive. We enjoy delving into lots of different musical ideas in the sphere of one song. In a live setting we also take these ideas and expand upon them, deepening the themes and finding a new musical territory to explore. As much as our music is modern, we try to also borrow from traditions and styles from the past. So yeah musical exploration is probably a lot like a “space walk”.

Life on the road is crazy at times. Going from city to city in a short period of time. Can you describe “A Day In The Life Of Papadosio?”

Sam: Everyone’s routine is different, but what’s important is having one. Heres mine,

  1. Get out of bunk
  2. Obtain Coffee
  3. Eat Something
  4. Clean Bus
  5. Brainstorm for the show with band and come up with at least one cool idea for soundcheck
  6. Lunch snack/walk around the area
  7. Video Games to take mind off of show
  8. Sound Check
  9. Dinner
  10. Video Games to take mind off of show
  11. Yerba Mate/warm up
  12. Rock and Roll
  13. Help wrap cables
  14. Red Wine and video games
  15. Bed Time

…oh and there is a lot of tea involved      

What was your first live concert experience? Is that when it clicked that you wanted to be musicians?

Sam: My first live concert experience was seeing a Pink Floyd cover band play “The Wall” in its entirety.  It was mind blowing. I had never heard “The Wall” before and it definitely opened a lot of doors in my mind about what music could and should be.  Being a musician has been an important part of who i am since a very young age, but that was the first time i ever saw anyone play rock and roll live…and it blew my mind.


What is the best advice you have for musicians starting out on the touring circuit?

Anthony: The advice we have received from bands that we further along in their process was to just “keep going.” It seems that at least in our music scene, devotion to the road and constantly improving will always be king in terms of growth.




Written by Mitchell

I like to rock and roll.

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