Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Bomberjam 2016



Catch all the action on Sunday, September 18th



If this were the ONLY reason it would be enough. For the fifth year BomberJam will be benefitting the National Brain Tumor Society. The National Brain Tumor Society is a foundation that is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and anyone who will be diagnosed tomorrow. BomberJam originally started out as a backyard BBQ that brought together musicians and music lovers to network and raise funds for the NBTS. Every year the event has grown and eventually outgrew the backyard. Last year BomberJam was moved to a larger venue, Indian Acres Tree Farm in Medford, NJ and raised almost $10,000.00 through ticket sales, donations, raffles, sponsorships, and t-shirt sales. Event founders Joe and Deb Scialabbo have a 27-year-old son who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at age 11 and have been determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others dealing with the same.


  1. KARMA:

You’ll feel good knowing that there are so many people out there who care and are trying to make a difference. From the bands who donate their time and talent, the sponsors, the businesses who donate food and other items, the volunteers, the people who come out, and the people who put BomberJam together, all combine to achieve one goal…raise a lot money for an amazing cause.



The Scialabbos wanted to create a non-profit music event that was budget friendly, bringing in a larger crowd. It’s a commitment to the sponsors who donate money in exchange for exposure with stage banners at the event and several mentions on the BomberJam webpage. It’s also a commitment to the bands and musicians who donate their time, energy, and talent. Your donation of $25.00 gets you into the event and includes entertainment from 7 of Philly’s top bands, great barbequed food and salads, cold beverages including beer if you’re over 21, and all the activities Indian Acres Tree Farm offers for the kids who get in FREE if they’re 16 or younger.


  1. THE FOOD:

BomberJam gets great food donated from local restaurants and supermarkets. There’s hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, pulled pork, pasta dishes, potato salad, cole slaw, snacks, chips, cakes, and even specialty dishes created by invited friends. You will not leave hungry.



Indian Acres Tree Farm is a beautiful intimate setting with plenty of shade and picnic tables surrounding the main stage area. You will feel like you are at a backyard barbeque in an enormous backyard.



BomberJam offers plenty of family friendly fun. From 2pm to 5pm Indian Acres provides activities like a giant bouncy pillow, a replica train ride around the farm grounds, a hayride through their extensive pumpkin patch, and even face painters.



There are great raffles at BomberJam. Items, gift certificates, and gift cards from several local businesses and professional sports teams are included in the many gift baskets raffled throughout the day. There are also two 50/50 raffles that can add up to several hundred dollars each. The Revivalists have donated a special signed item to be raffled live and will allow members of the bands fan page to participate. (Click here for more info)



Believe it or not holding an event on Sunday during football season can limit the size of a crowd especially near the sports passionate city of Philadelphia. Last year the event was held on a Sunday that the Eagles were playing the rival Dallas Cowboys and likely kept die-hard football fans away. This year the Eagles will be playing on Monday night and will NOT conflict with BomberJam. Besides, watching football instead of attending an event like BomberJam is a lame excuse.



This year’s lineup is the strongest one yet. If you come late you will miss something special. If you leave early you will miss something special. The strength of the lineup was designed to keep people there enjoying the great music all day regardless of your personal taste. You can mix, match, and rearrange the band order any way possible and I would still stand by the previous 2 statements. There is a little bit of something for everyone. If the BomberJam bands were a baseball line up it would be full of “POWER-HITTERS”:


The days music will start with an open jam featuring several local musicians in a mix and match jam session hosted by Frank C. Morley and Jacob Graff. There were several bands that couldn’t fit in the lineup so this was the best way to include those that wanted to share their amazing talent and play for the BomberJam crowd.


The Hess Brothers: The three brothers, ages 15, 13, and 12, have been impressing crowds everywhere they play. The recent “Battle of the Bands” champs and School of Rock alumni pack a mighty punch with their amazing musicianship and professional songwriting, proving the future of rock music is in very good hands.

The Quixote Project: They are a four piece neo-roots music outfit from South Jersey that plays everything from Rock to Rockabilly and Bluegrass to Blues. The NJ Indie Band of the Year nominees like to pull from traditional genres to blur the lines of modern music. That combined with superior original songwriting makes The Quixote Project one of music’s top hidden gems.

23 North: Throwing a house party? I hope you invited Philly’s top party band! One of Philadelphia’s most popular annual events, Wing Bowl, knows exactly who to call. There is nothing 23 North can’t play. From Metal to Disco, their library of music could have you head banging to Rage Against the Machine one minute, singing along to the Beatles another, and then dancing to the Bee Gee’s the next.


Whiskey Grin: If you were to compare Whiskey Grin to a car they would most resemble a mint condition 1969 Pontiac GTO muscle car. You just want to hop in, crank on the engine, step on the gas, and try to see how fast it will go. The gritty power trio takes the old school rock and roll style of Rick Derringer and ACDC (from the Bon Scott era) and gives it a fresh modern sound. Playing mostly tradition hard rock covers, Whiskey Grin has an ambitiously bold collection of original tunes that still have that classic muscle car feel. You’d better buckle up for a fast, hard ride!


The Flying Circus: From the depths of ”The Ocean” to the “Houses of the Holy” and to the top of “Misty Mountain,” The Flying Circus recreates the sound and music of one of Rock and Rolls most iconic bands ever, Led Zeppelin. Their uncanny recreation has been reviewed as one of the top tribute interpretations on the east coast. It doesn’t surprise me that they were the top requested band to be invited to BomberJam.


Stone: I first heard of the band Stone when I was being prepped for hip surgery. I started talking music with the prep tech and mentioned that I write for a few music websites. He then told me that he had this kick ass band named “Stone” and recommended that I listen to their stuff. The next morning, while I was eating my bland hospital eggs, he walks in to my room and hands me a CD. Since then their CD of original tunes “Broken Halo” has been in steady rotation in my CD player. Their throwback 80’s style translates impeccably on today’s stage and creates a fierce energy that raises the hair on your neck and arms.


Swift Technique: The “First Family of Philly Funk” is undoubtedly the hottest band coming out of the City of Brotherly Love. The 9 piece music machine has been selling out venues in Philly as well as New York, and their popularity keeps on growing as word spreads from those who have witnessed all that Swift Technique offers. They’ve also gotten the attention of the TV world and can be seen in a recent episode of “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix. Not only do they incorporate a full sound of virtuoso musicianship, but they provide a non-stop energy that has music lovers and concert goers dancing from start to finish. There just ain’t no party like a Swift Tech party!


I can’t think of a better way to get out the doghouse than taking your wife, husband, or partner to a music oriented fundraiser on the last weekend of the summer.

For tickets to BomberJam, to make a donation, volunteer to help, or purchase one of their fundraising t-shirts go to www.BomberjamTix.com


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