Listen Now – Big Gigantic Releases New Track Featuring GRiZ

Ever since first seeing Big Gigantic at George’s in Fayetteville, AR in Spring of 2010 I’ve really enjoyed  seeing the group progress. Since 2010 a lot has obviously changed they’re touring all over the world and playing some of the best festivals as the headliner. The search for their sound has taken them to different soundscapes, but one thing remains clear — Big G is able consistently deliver party anthems.

What better way to enhance the dance party than with GRiZ? While GRiZ has carved out his own identity on the scene, from the early days it is clear he is right up the same alley as Big G. This new track titled “C’mon” featuring GRiZ is a pretty solid collaboration that sounds just what you’d except it to sound like. It is saxy, energetic, funky, uses horns in signature Big Gigantic type of arrangement, and is yet another party piece collab from Big Gigantic & GRiZ.

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