Exclusive: Of Tomorrow Unveils New Track, Performing with Everyone Orchestra Tonight in DC


Today, Live Music Daily is extremely proud to exclusively premiere of Tomorrows second single, Everyday Life – an epic, horn-section laden, latin samba dance-rock odyssey.

Think Muse’s Knights of Cydonia meets Mendes’ Mas que Nada. You should seriously listen to this song today.

Stream it below for free, click here to download it for free (for a limited time), and click here to check out of Tomorrow’s equally awesome debut single which came out two weeks ago.

Everyday Life features sweeping brother/sister vocal harmonies from lead singer Geoff Browning and his sister Valerie. This song is straight up FIRE, but you don’t need to take our word for it – get ready to dance, get up out of your seat, and enjoy Everyday Life:

Free Download

of Tomorrow is a phenomenal DC supergroup who you need to see live ASAP. Fresh off a packed showcase at DC’s Funk Parade, tonight (Friday May 20th, 2016) they are pairing for one night only with another supergroup – the Everyone Orchestra featuring members of Lettuce, Thievery Corporation, the Trey Anastasio Band, the Bridge, and Galactic, conducted by wunderkind Matt Butler – for a massive release party at Gypsy Sally’s in DC.

Tickets are available for purchase here. RSVP on Facebook here. and read LMD’s interview with Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation (who’s also playing the show, with Everyone Orchestra) here. Gypsy Sally’s is a great venue. If you haven’t been we highly recommend it. Make sure you get there EARLY – of Tomorrow starts at 8:30pm sharp.

Live Music Daily caught up with Geoff and his older sister, Valerie Browning – owner of Water Witch Coffee just outside New York City – for a quick interview on the song, the band, the recording process, and what it means to have worked together on this project. Check it out, and don’t forget to download the song for free above, right here on Live Music Daily!
LMD: Geoff, what was it like working with your sister on this song? Val, how did you get involved?

GB: Val and I have been through so many crazy life experiences together. This counts as one of them.

VB: He hassled me for months to get this done.  Thank god he traveled to me the other weekend because if he didn’t he would still be hassling me, haha. I am beyond excited to be a part of this band’s work.  They are incredibly talented.

GB: For as long as both of us live, I hope we’ll look back on this and be really proud of it. That’s one thing I was sort of aiming for. I wrote this vocal part for us to sing specifically, just like I wrote the horn parts for my good friends Danny and Mario. I think everyone’s personalities really shine through. The arrangement clicked together and it was amazing to imagine so many crazy things it into existence, starting with a MIDI sketch Jon and Nick had last fall. It kind of felt like that South Park episode about “Imaginationland.”

LMD: Geoff told me you recorded the vocals in your coffee shop, could you tell us a bit about that and what inspired them?

VB: We recorded it in my shop, actually – Water Witch Coffee, in Highlands, NJ. It has become known as a “cultural hub” not only for bringing the arts to the community but also serving as an outlet for the artists. So in my world it felt like a natural place for us to record.

GB: I’ve always been a big fan of old school samba – especially Jobim, Mendes, and Gilberto. When we were writing this song, our bass player Nick and I at first jokingly said “let’s add samba ladies on the album!” And then we did. It’s a crazy meld of influences – almost like Knights of Cydonia meets Mas que Nada.

GB: Our producer Rob Shaffer is one of the most talented, patient, and intuitive people I’ve ever met. He was totally down to make it happen. We drove up to New York after a long session in Philly and stayed up extremely late tracking it. Rob is like Rick Rubin without the beard. Seriously. I think they must be related.

VB: Once everything was set up, we realized we were missing a keyboard… Rob…  Geoff…  Rob and Geoff… They’re sweet so I’m not going to say anything else.

GB: It basically felt like the entire town of Highlands banded together to find us a keyboard and mouse, haha. Val has an incredible community around the shop. Since Hurricane Sandy I’ve watched her work really hard to build a supportive space for artists in the area. It’s a really inspiring place and I’m so proud of how successful she has been. Plus it’s really helpful for me because every time I visit, she introduces me to fantastic musicians, promoters, and publishers who we can work with in and around NYC.

LMD: How much does it mean to you guys to be singing together on this song?

VB: It’s amazing and my heart swells when I think about it.  I worked hard in my previous life as a musician and performed a lot when I was younger, so this song was a great excuse to get back into it. We sat and practiced in my house for hours back in January, in pre-production. I think the neighbors were sick of hearing us sing “ah-ah-ah-ah” after an hour or two.

LMD: Geoff, tell me about the show tonight. What does it mean to be playing with Everyone Orchestra – who are you most excited to share the stage with?

GB: I can’t wait. The musicians we’re playing with are just the coolest. Matt Butler is like a force of nature. Shmeens (Adam Smirnoff) is great, his band is one of the top funk outfits in the world right now. Jeff Franca and Thievery Corporation are no joke. Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman are such a badass horn section. They’re gonna give Danny and Mario a run for their money. I’ve loved Galactic since high school. Cris Jacobs is a vocalist and songwriter who I look up to a lot. He’s Baltimore music royalty. I feel lucky to be playing a show with these folks. The great thing about EO shows is that they are an inspiring space for everyone to do their thing. Kind of like Val’s shop was for us.

Make sure you follow of Tomorrow on Facebook here, Instagram here, and Twitter here. Sign up for their e-mail list (and receive the full album for free, along with monthly show updates) at the

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