Exclusive Premiere & Download: of Tomorrow Release Debut Single + Performing at DC Funk Parade Tomorrow!

Live Music Daily is proud to premiere of Tomorrow‘s debut single Anywhere – 24 hours before it’s officially released tomorrow at DC Funk Parade! Listen below, download HERE, follow them here, here, and here.

This new band combines some of DC’s most explosive musicians. They’ve all played with projects you’ve heard of on the internet (Nappy Riddem, Fort Knox Five, the wider Thievery/ESL family, B Side Shuffle, and more), but right now they are onto something new – very new – and they’re seriously poised to take our scene by storm.

You should definitely get to know of Tomorrow. This is a band to watch. We sat down with Geoff Browning (co-founder) to get the story behind this band and its first single, Anywhere.

Free Download

Geoff, what does this new band sound like and where do you see it going? 

Geoff: OT is a funk-rock trip-hop reggae neo-soul latin jazz-disco danceface spicy-ass horn section explosion from the moon. We’re a new band. A lot of you haven’t heard of us yet. But we hope you will. For about 9 months we’ve been very hard at work on our debut album. So it’s literally about to be born. We’re releasing the first single on Saturday and throwing a big party with on U Street, at 8pm right after the Funk Parade (CLICK HERE FOR INFO). It’s free. Y’all should come hang out – it’ll be a good time or your money back. The venue is very fun, intimate and high-energy.

We listened to Anywhere and it rocks. This song features some pretty heavy hitters as special guests – Greg Loman of the Funk Ark, Deante Childers on keys, and Danny and Mario from Yellow Dubmarine on horns – tell us more about how it came together and what it means to you guys as a new band.

Geoff: So this song actually came together backwards. It was the first or second riff we ever tooled around on as a band. In the studio, we basically threw a mini-party, invited our best music friends, and let shenanigans happen on this Meters-ey 1-4-5 funk riff.

Then I got this crazy idea to sprinkle words in and out of the instrumental parts we had written. I think it ended up being a spontaneous, organic and genuine expression of what this band is about. The words relate to how we came together, and how excited we are about this new band – it’s also sort of an invitation for our new friends to come check us out. You’re all invited to the studio mini-party. Listening to it I think you can kind of sense how much fun we had writing and recording it. That’s why we picked it as the first single. It’s a good time from front to back.

Anywhere rocks. Where can we make sure we get the rest of the album?

Geoff: Excellent question, Andrew. This is our first album so we want people to hear and love the songs as much as we do, and we are giving the entire album away for free on the internet, starting with this single. All the songs will be up for free on our website, www.bandoftomorrow.com, in exchange for an email address, with fake addresses accepted just as the founding fathers intended.

FUNK PARADE OT afterparty

You mentioned earlier that “Anywhere” is a different style than the other songs we will see out on the album, could you tell us more about that?

Geoff: Every song on this album bends in a different direction with certain grooves and elements tying it all together. Making it has been a journey. I hope starting with this single, listening to it will be a journey worth taking too!

We’re releasing the next two singles – the dance-ragey samba thriller (single #2) and the neo-soul go go ballad (single #3) – in May. Also on the album currently is a reggae song that takes me back to the time I lived and worked in Jamaica, a trip-hop flute jam, a straight ahead 1-4-5 funk tune (Anywhere – the first single we’re releasing at Funk Parade), a 7 minute Muse-esque odyssey, a song where the bass sings the verse (seriously though, our bass player Nick Soderstrom is from another planet), and a neo-soul song with a wildly (in)appropriate metal chorus that I can only describe as “Michael McDonald meets Metallica.”

We’re really proud of how every song is coming together, and we can’t wait to see you all at Funk Parade. ‘

Who exactly is in this band and how did you guys make those decisions – specifically for the genres to be so diverse?

Geoff: We didn’t plan for it to happen this way but it did. I’m so, so proud of how it’s turning out. It’s really an honor to play with every musician in this band. These people blow my mind every day. Sometimes it feels like Jon Modell has meticulously mastered every drum style under the sun. Nick Soderstrom has literally traveled the globe playing bass and earned a Ph.D. in bassology in Sweden. Danny and Mario are such an explosive, driven horn section. We have a lineup of touring friends that sometimes includes Ralph Washington (of Oddisee’s band), Gena Phodiates of Crystal Youth, and James Helle of Projected Man (they’re playing with us on Saturday), and more.

You’re playing with Everyone Orchestra at Gypsy Sally’s on May 20th (ticket link) – including members of Lettuce, Thievery Corporation, the Trey Anastasio Band, and Galactic – sounds like you guys will be a great fit with them. We’ll be there. Tell us more about that show.

Geoff: I am so, so, so excited for the show on May 20 at Gypsy Sally’s. Playing with Everyone Orchestra is always a treat. Matt Butler’s passion and energy are a force of musical nature – kind of like Chris Naoum, the founder of the Funk Parade – but channeled 100% into stage energy, and a supergroup of very prominent musicians relishing in creative risk they otherwise might not take with their main projects. It’s crowd-driven and magical. May 20 is gonna be a hoot.


Awesome, we’ll see you there. Where else can we catch of Tomorrow live this summer? Do you have plans to tour?

Geoff: Yes! We are scheming to hit Baltimore, Richmond, Charlottesville, Asbury Park, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and maybe even Vermont later this year. Stay tuned, fam! For now though, here’s where we’ll be in the mid-Atlantic:


Saturday, 5/7 – FREE DC Funk Parade Afterparty (Washington, DC), 8pm, Velvet Lounge, with Projected Man (link)


Saturday, 5/14 – Blossoms Blooming Festival (Aldie, VA) with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, LITZ and the John Kadlecik Band (link)


Friday, 5/20 – Gypsy Sally’s (Washington, DC) with Everyone Orchestra featuring members of Lettuce, Thievery Corporation, Galactic, the Treay Anastasio Band, and more (link)


Sunday, May 29th – Rockville Hometown Holidays Festival (Rockville, MD) – FREE – closing the Hungerford Tavern Stage, 8:00-9:15pm (link)

June 16th to 19th – Mad Tea Party Jam Festival (Artemas, PA) with Papadosio, TAUK, Consider the Source, Big Something, Twiddle, the Southern Belles, and more (link) – we’re REALLY excited about this one – exact set time TBA, we’re playing Friday.


July 15th to 18th – Doah Fest (Luray, VA) – this is an incredible, affordable, fun, family-friendly, party-friendly, hang-out-in-the-river-with-your-friends-and-listen-to-live-music (literally, there’s a stage right ON the river) campout festival in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s one of my favorite festivals of the year, along with MTPJ, and everyone should come.


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