Widespread Panic: ‘End of Show’ – Pt.1


By C Brown

If you are reading this you already know the news. Panic will not tour after this year except select shows at places like Jazzfest and Red Rocks.

As this news came in last night I was already settled in bed, rather than getting off a quick post on this, I needed to sleep on it. This morning I began thinking what this band means to me and my friends.

This is Pt.1 a mere introduction or foreword, if you will, of a longer series to highlight the greatness of Widespread Panic. I simply can’t really convey all of these emotions at one time so with the help of others this ‘End of Show” series will be an ongoing endeavor.

For many of us when the lights go down and the band takes that stage, that is our heaven on earth. There is simply no where else in today’s society through all the disagreements, politics, and other bullshit that we can just relax and enjoy the company of our best friends. This past week someone posted on Facebook that Panic was the only way they’re able to get a large group of friends together to hang out. That is true. As we grow older time slips away, we move, people get new jobs, get married, have kids, there are so many changes to roll with. And that’s the way life goes. But let me let you in on a little secret, music is a constant for most of us (especially if you are still reading). It makes the good times better and the bad times better. Music is our therapy, our celebration of life.

Widespread Panic is a band that has changed my life in ways I can’t sufficiently convey in this piece. They are on a different level to me. Some of the most treasured times with my best friends (while also meeting new best friends) happen at concerts, specially when the Home Team is on stage.

I had heard the rumors last year and it was confirmed to me while in Athens so I knew it was coming. I thought I was prepared for it. But it was a heavy blow seeing an actual quote in print yesterday. The band doesn’t owe us anything. But this is a passionate fanbase and many plan their lives and vacations around the tour schedule. Lifelong friendships have been made that will live on after the last note has been played. It’s just the reality of knowing those good times aren’t necessarily coming to an end, but there will be considerably less of them. I really don’t have a plan for PanicStream. It will evolve like it always has. To what, I don’t know. But the memories that each stream brings back for those that attended that show, are special. As long as the site can support itself, it will always be available for the fans of Widespread Panic.” – Curtis George, Panic Stream

So what does this mean for the Panic community? I’m not entirely sure. I think it means we all get to have lots of big family reunions a few times a year and get down.

Time to live it up for 2016 and then after that we will have a few parties going on many spirits strong. It won’t be goodbye, but rather till next time. Let’s Get The Show on The Road.

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