Exclusive Free Download: The Trongone Band Cover Little Feat with Jay Starling of Love Canon, Ron Holloway, & Grateful Gospel Vocalists

Live Music Daily Exclusive Free Download

The Trongone Band with Jay Starling of Love Canon, Ron Holloway, & Grateful Gospel Vocalists

Photo by Melissa Brugh

Today we bring you a stellar cover of Little Feat’s “Willin” by The Trongone Band. One common theory suggests that this particular song was one that launched Lowell George out of Frank Zappa’s band and in part, led to the formation of Little Feat.

“As a band, we feel that Little Feat is the perfect combination of song writing, musicianship, improv, and funk/groove. We try & incorporate that into our own music” -Andrew Trongone

This particular cover features Jay Starling of Love Canon, Ron Holloway, and the Grateful Gospel vocalists.

The Trongone Band  and special guest Jay Starling of Love Canon will be performing at the Broadberry in Richmond, VA following Widespread Panic‘s performance at The Altria Theater on Friday, February 12, 2016. Tickets to the Broadberry afterparty are available here ($10 adv, $12 dos).

Free Download

Recording by: Justin Lewis

12/23/15 The Camel – Richmond, VA

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