Major and The Monbacks • “I Do” – Music Video

Major and The Monbacks

“I Do” – Music Video

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Major and The Monbacks have it. Their sound is refreshing, inspiring and timeless. Building off bands like the Alabama Shakes and St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Major and the Monbacks are proof that good, roots music still exists in the present day.

The band recently released a brand new music video “I Do”, a track that appears on their recently released self-titled album. The song is a fast-paced, upbeat journey about love and the uncertainty that often accompanies it. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the song is Stax meets Motown, but with a strong modern twist. These guys seamlessly flow between contemporary rock and roll and soul-inspired sounds. Neal Friedman leads charge on lead vocals and keys on this one, but the entire band always acts as a singular unit. That is what makes them a really good band. They focus on their harmonies and share an understanding of the art of songwriting. Never overplaying, never stepping on any toes. They jam out during their shows to showcase each instrument. But in the studio, they know the time and place for everything. Sometimes, that is what separates good bands from great bands.

The album was recorded at Welcome to 1979, one of the premier studios in the U.S. for vintage analog recordings. The studio has racked up eight Grammy Nominations this year and boasts a roster of clients that include Paul McCartney, Eric Burdon, Jason Isbell, Brendan Benson, and many more.

 The Monbacks’ distinct brew of rock & roll spans across geographic locations, as well as generations. The band’s influences shine through in its songs and grab hold of listeners. Known for their raucous stage presence and uncanny ability to keep dancefloors on their feet, the Monbacks’ debut full length album attempts to capture the essence of what makes us all move and groove. – Randy Harris

LiveMusicDaily’s Album Release Tour Dates included a stop at DC’s new Americana & Jam venue, Gypsy Sally’s. What I experienced was restored faith in the future of music, particularly as it concerns bands who are able to make great records. The art of songwriting needs revitalization. Thankfully some bands are rising to the occasion. The sounds of the past, specifically the 60s and 70s were full of music that had real soul. Good lyrics, authentic delivery live & in studio, and just that pure sense of Rock N Roll. The story tellers of society.

Major and Monbacks are just getting started and they’re starting to receive the recognition they rightfully deserve. In fact, a week agothey opened for Huey Lewis & the News at Ntelos Wireless Pavilion in Portsmouth,VA.

The Monbacks are here to stay, trust me.

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