Keller Williams Announces New Project with Jeff Sipe and Rob Wasserman!


Keller is always creating fun, new projects and this new one is no different. Rob Wasserman is an upright bassist who has performed with acts ranging form Jerry Garcia to Lou Reed to Elvis Costello to Neil Young. Another veteran, Jeff Sipe, will be joining them on the throne. Sipe is a legend, perhaps best known for his work with The Aquarium Rescue Unit. He also performed in Mosely, Droll, and Sipe. Of course, you may also know of Sipe during his days with the jammers allstars, Leftover Salmon.

Words from the man himself: “I am absolutely elated to introduce my new project with Rob Wasserman and Jeff Sipe. Rob is a zenned out keeper of the pocket, on upright acoustic bass, who has played with a jaw dropping amount of famous people, to many to list here. Jeff Sipe a.k.a. Apt 258, is a renowned drummer who is literally from another level of being, you may know him from Col.Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue UnitLeftover Salmon or my rock fusion project with Moseley, Droll and Sipe. Our focus will be attempting to achieve my vision of acoustic dance music, please join us. Kw”

Oh, we will join you Mr. Williams.

2015 Summer Dates

6.28 Rothbury, MI

7.01 Milwaukee, WI

7.02 Chicago, IL

7.02-7.04 Ozark, AR

7.09 Hartford, CT

7.10 New York, NY

7.11 Summit Point, WV

7.12 Felton, CA

7.16 – 7.19 North Plaines, OR

7.22 – 7.26 Floyd, VA

7.23 – 7.26 Buena Vista, NJ

8.06 – 8.09 Alta, WY

8.16 Scranton, PA

8.21 Evanston, IL

8.27 Peoria, IL

8.28 Madison, WI

8.29 Minneapolis, MN

9.04 – 9.06 Stround, OK

9.06 Charlotte, NC

9.13 Arrington, VA

9.24 – 9.26 Pataskata, OH

10.1 – 10.4 Darlington, MD

10.09 Adams, TN

10.18 Live Oak, FL

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