Pretty Lights Announces Telluride Show with Analog Future Band


Pretty Lights has announced a two night run in in Telluride, CO on August 28th & 29th with a stellar live band. The Analog Future Band features Adam Deitch, Eric Krasno, Borahm Lee, Brian Coogan, Eric Bloom, Scott Flynn, and Chris Karns.

Pretty Lights also announced today that Solve would be his special guest for BOTH sold out shows at Red Rocks on August 7&8th. Details about the shows are HERE.

Over the past few years, Pretty Lights remains one of the most respectable and acclaimed artists in the electronic realm. With such a reputation, it would be easy for him to hit cruise control and enjoy his great stardom. Instead of settling into complacency, Derek Vincent Smith embraces his inner musician on A Color Map of the Sun, which was recorded at several studios across the country in cities like New Orleans and Brooklyn, by employing top local and national musicians join him in studio to create analog samples that would ultimately become part and parcel to the record. Now the Analogue band will hit the stage in Telluride for what promise to be an epic two night run! When you have Deitch and Kranso teaming up with Pretty Lights, the possibilities are endless.

For more information click here.

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