Mac DeMarco

Releases NEW Self-Produced Music Video – “Another One”


By Mitchito

It’s always a great day when you wake up to a new Mac DeMarco song. Its an even better day when you wake up to a new Mac DeMarco song AND a music video (directed by the man himself!).

First impression of the new tune “Another One”: Keyboard driven tune, remiscent of “Passing Out the Pieces” in that it is upbeat and catchy, as opposed to “Chamber of Reflection,” which is somber and nostalgic. The production is textbook DeMarco: lo-fi, slightly phased, a little wobbly, but delicate and clean. If “Another One” and “The Way You Love Her” are any indication, the rest of the upcoming mini-LP will continue to showcase Mac’s unique slacker production style.

The video also exhibits what we may now refer to as “Classic Mac.” It looks a lot like an early 90s TV show uploaded to YouTube, then downloaded and reuploaded again at a significantly lower quality. It begins with a shot of DeMarco dancing on a rock with a Michael Jackson mask and Michael Jackson tee on. Then it cuts to him playing his little keyboard and singing the song, wearing the same tee, but opting for a pair of John Lennon’s sunglasses instead. There are some great shots of him sitting in the grass as he plays the bass as well.

Enough of rambling. Check out Mac in all of his “Classic Mac” brilliance below.

Pre-order “Another One’ mini-LP now on iTunes:

Pre-order physical:…

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