Warren Haynes

Reveals New Details About Leaving The Allman Brothers


In a recent interview  on June 11th with Guitar Player Magazine Warren Haynes explained the true story behind his departure from the Allman Brothers Band.

Warren was so active in Gov’t Mule and Derek was very active in Tedeschi Trucks Band that it wasn’t too surprising when the two announced they’d be departing the Allman Brothers Band. In a recent interview it seems to indicate that in fact it was understood years ago that the 45th Anniversary would be the last year featuring Derek and Warren on guitar roles.

However, Butch spoke of Derek’s departure while he was aboard Jam Cruise and reporters on the boat heard about it. These reporters felt a journalistic obligation to report the story. Around that same time both Warren and Derek offered press releases about enjoying their time with the Allman Brothers Band, but they both also announced they’d be leaving the group to pursue their other musical endeavors on a full-time basis.

It appears the main point Haynes wanted to convey in the interview was that the decision to leave the Allman Brothers was made over the course of meetings (3 year span) and that to say Derek was quitting was misleading. He feels the way the message was dissented to the public was convoluted and misleading.

The ups and downs of ABB in the context of their history are undeniable, but one thing is for certain. Without Warren and Derek the ABB we know and love wouldn’t have been preserved as long as it was, a whopping 45 years. The chemistry between Haynes and Trucks as they ripped in tandem was simply epic.

Catch Gov’t Mule on tour this summer (Full Tour Dates Here). Additionally, Gregg Allman is currently on tour (Full Tour Dates Here)

More via Guitar Player

“The way that actually went down is very confusing. During several meetings over about a three-year span, the band decided to call it quits after the 45th anniversary.”

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