Artist Feature: Carey Clayton

By Porter Byers

Are you looking to listen to some excellent, original music right this minute? Or do you need an experienced producer in the studio? How about a session musician?

Carey Clayton does it all. The guitarist, composer, and producer based out of Los Angeles has traveled the world and fine-tuned his artistry through every facet of music-making. As a composer, he has a sound that is all his own which evokes a cerebral, meditative feeling stemming from his extensive musical and life experiences. He studied music at the University of Miami, and honed his craft through a number of projects and performances, including as a member of indie-pop band Great Good Fine Ok. Not to mention the countless, eclectic hours playing everywhere from jazz clubs, to churches, to festivals around the world, and of course, mixing in the studio.

We recently spoke with Clayton who described himself as a “sponge of the working musician” in his formative years. Even with so much wisdom under his strap, Clayton continues to evolve and has come a long way from playing in wedding bands. His solo work is emerging with an impressive catalogue – his latest singles, Mirage and Pattern of Motions are part of what he calls a “slow rollout” of songs from his complete, forthcoming album. “The songs were completed in the vacuum of the studio,” but will begin performing this next body of work soon.

One can acutely discern the inspiration he draws from Radiohead when his mastery of space and effects shines through – something he does almost exclusively on his own. Beyond his original music, Clayton said that when he was “thrown into the actual adult world of making a living” he really enjoyed working with other artists and producing songs with them. He is constantly collaborating, and his creativity extends to the visual arts. His stop-motion work on the video for his song Zen Garden is worth a viewing.

Solo work aside, we might also be able to catch him soon with a project called Fore Fader, a duo with singer Stephanie Carlin that is sonically both mollifying and uplifting. Their new single, Eternal Waters is out on May 26.   

Visit to explore Carey Clayton’s music and learn more. 

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