Enhance Your Live Music Experience and Protect Your Hearing with Earasers

Let’s get to the point: Earasers hi-fi earplugs for musicians and concertgoers are indisputably the best ear protection available. The reason is twofold and in no particular order: hearing protection and sound quality. Comfort is not listed here, because their patented silicone tips mold to your outer ear canal and their presence is imperceptible, rendering the concept of “comfort” obsolete.

Like you, the team at Live Music Daily attends scores of shows and concerts every month. It was only recently we learned that it can be just ONE experience that causes permanent hearing damage. It is a common misconception that tinnitus and other problems are the result of cumulative exposure to high decibel levels from speakers or noisy equipment. There is neither a cure nor viable treatment for tinnitus.

Concertgoers often avoid using earplugs altogether because they muffle sound and are uncomfortable, or they just keep falling out. Earasers actually make live music sound better. Chatty crowds and white noises which are often inevitable in certain venues are filtered out and the music reaches your ears at a pleasant and crystal-clear 19dB peak reduction. Different filters are available on earasers.net for really loud venues.

Earasers offers different sizes and accessories to guarantee a satisfactory experience. While the website has plenty of detailed information, the customer service team at Persona Medica – a hearing aid company in business for over 50 years – could not be more informative and responsive.

Earasers receive the highest level of endorsement that Live Music Daily can provide.

Visit their website to purchase and learn more! www.earasers.net 

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