The Sheepdogs are the Quintessential Rock ‘N’ Roll Band of 2022

By Max Stewart

The cliché that rock ‘n’ roll is dead is overplayed by the press, and part of me hates the fact that I even opened with that. OK… let’s start over. How great is rock ‘n’ roll, huh? Simply the best.

Sure, it does not necessarily dominate the airwaves like it did for many years, but there are plenty of bands that find that magic in the guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocal combination that are oozing with talent.

The Sheepdogs have been one of my favorite bands for many years. Having first seen them in D.C. in 2015 when they were touring their album Future Nostalgia, I was completely floored after their performance. The Canadian five-piece presents a perfect blend of rock ‘n’ roll from the time of rock’s heyday with a full tilt commitment to the craft. Their sound certainly has Seventies era undertones, but the music is fresh in a way that does not feel campy at all but marches full steam ahead. Singer / guitarist Ewan Currie, his brother Shamus Currie (keys, brass), Ryan Gullen (bass), Sam Corbett (drums) and newest addition Ricky Parquette (guitar) tap into something truly special when it all comes together in a live environment.

Their latest album, Outta Sight, is one of their strongest to date and continues to draw from the well of rock’s defining era while adding their own unique flavoring. The song “Find the Truth” alone feels like if the Allman Brothers Band and Thin Lizzy went on a road trip with Humble Pie. Take the time to listen to the entire record over a nice cold beverage on a Friday night. It is a fantastic trip and feels like a rock n roll revival in all of the best ways.

Seeing The Sheepdogs perform is like getting a shot of rock injected directly into your veins, they will truly leave your jaw on the floor and make you want to dust off the old Marshall amp and get the band back together.

Do not miss the opportunity to see these guys play in your town, full list of dates in the U.S. and Canada here.

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