Amyl and The Sniffers are a Force to be Experienced Live

Photos and Review by Tyler Sterling

In an era where every “post-something” genre aims to refract the reflection of the influences that it wears, there is something truly refreshing about a punk band that plays…well, punk music. 

Amyl and the Sniffers make urgent and relevant music with seemingly familiar ingredients that are violently shaken together to create and release immense pressure across the venues of their current US tour. They moved quickly between songs. There was no time for rest. Even their onstage banter was uttered into microphones like someone practicing a tongue twister. 

The band sped by like a blinking satellite orbiting the skies of a fiery planet made of pure energy–also known as lead singer, Amy Taylor. Her stage presence reminded me of the classic grainy images of Iggy Pop writhing around onstage during his salad days. But not only does Amy push her body to rattle and contort to make us dumbfoundedly pay attention, she really has something to say. 

Her lyrics, shouted with total conviction, felt like forward progress against some of the issues that plague our time. In the song “Knifey”, Amy sang, “Out comes the night, out comes my knifey/ This is how I get home nicely/ I turn around and back track because I ain’t that tough/ But you still fuck me up.” She managed to get a room of nearly a thousand strangers to mosh to a song about the frustrations that women may unjustly feel while doing something as innocuous as walking home at night. This was just one of many cathartic releases of pent up energy across their setlist.  

There is nothing “post” about this Australian punk band. They are a force that deserves to be experienced now. Make sure to check their tour dates and see if they will be landing in your city.

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