Sarah Jarosz’s Centering Live Show in Georgia

Sarah Jarosz brought her warm vocals, poignant lyrics and superb instrumentation to a completely drawn in crowd at Atlanta’s Terminal West. The Texas native is one of the best modern singer-songwriters that exists in the ‘Americana’ genre (whatever that is…). Her voice and melodic sensibility effortlessly emotes a sense of comfort and vulnerability. Her music somehow hits me the same way an incredible hike in nature does after a week cooped up working indoors: truly a centering experience. Jarosz’s latest release – Blue Heron Suite – is one of her strongest and most ambitious releases, an homage to walks on the Texas coastline with her mom and an album that deserves to be listened to from start to finish.

Jarosz performed songs from her latest and some highlights from her fantastic releases (including “Green Lights,” “Build Me Up From Bones”) alongside a band of impressive musicians: Mike Robinson, John Fatum and Dave Speranza. The opener Ric Robertson also joined for the encore of Tom Waits’ “Come On Up to the House.” The set featured covers from some master lyricists, proving that Jarosz’s songwriting inspirations are on point: James McMurty and Bob Dylan.

Never miss an opportunity to see Jarosz live, she brings a calming grace and powerful energy to her catalog of great songs and you will leave at feeling at peace.

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