Photos and Words by Ryan Swerdlin

Neal Francis hits us with a surprise that we aren’t sure we are worthy of!  With the recent release of the “Changes (Instrumentals)” album, the funky grooves that became instant classics off his debut LP now have the opportunity to become a landscape for endless possibility.  The organ and horn hooks from each song hit so well that you can hear the opportunity for sampling and collaboration immediately. 

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, Francis and his band were launching a worldwide tour that abruptly was shut down after a few months of playing gigs in the US.  We are happy to say that Neal is getting back out there and this is a set of music that should never be missed.  His energy, his talent, and his songwriting are a breath of funky fresh air that we all could use!  See below for confirmed tour dates as well, the new album on Spotify, and some photos!

2021 Tour, purchase tickets here:

  • 5/27 Asheville, NC
  • 5/28 Charlotte, NC
  • 5/29 Axton, VA
  • 6/3 Chicago, IL
  • 6/4 Chicago, IL
  • 6/10 Morrison, CO w/ The Revivalists
  • 6/11 Morrison, CO w/ The Revivalists
  • 6/16 Fort Worth, TX
  • 6/18 Austin, TX
  • 6/19 Houston, TX
  • 7/1 Scranton, PA *Peach Music Festival
  • 7/29 Chicago, IL *Lollapalooza
  • 8/6 Columbia, MO
  • 8/8 Omaha, NE
  • 8/13 Dillon, CO
  • 8/14 Hillsboro, WI
  • 8/20 Chillicothe, IL
  • 9/20 New York, NY
  • 9/21 Philadelphia, PA
  • 10/8 New Orleans, LA
  • 10/23 Atlanta, GA *Shaky Knees Festival
  • 10/31 San Francisco CA *Outsidelands
  • 1/17 Rivera Maya Mexico *Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky

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