Save Our Stages – Please Take 30 Seconds to Assist Independent Venues, Festivals

It goes without saying that this year has been very hard for live musicians and venues alike.

Please take 30 seconds to “Save Our Stages” by visiting the NIVA website here and contact Congress to support the RESTART Act which will assist independent venues, promoters, and festivals during this trying time.

The National Independent Venue Association, or NIVA, has put together this campaign which will provide aid to independent venues, festivals and promoters across the country.

The campaign is called “Save Our Stages” and we need all live music fans to contact their representatives to support the RESTART act, which aims to provide financial support in various forms to small businesses such as venues. The legislation also includes the Ticket Refund Tax Credit, which would assist venues as they are refunding many shows.

Again, please go here for more information and to contact your local representatives and to find out more information.

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