Shaky Knees 2019: Recap and Photos

By Tyler Sterling

To paraphrase the lyrics of Jim James, the man who helped inspire festival’s name, “God damn, those Shaky Knees.”

Festivalgoers got their money’s worth over the three days of pure live music that filled the airwaves around Atlanta’s Central Park. Despite sheets of rain, clouds of dust and periods of blaring sunlight, the lineup of indie talent managed to deliver on the high expectations surrounding Shaky Knees 2019.

There’s nothing like the smell of a music festival: a mixture of sweat, sunscreen, beer and mysterious clouds of smoke floating from the audience. It’s electric. It’s a feeling that has continually brought us back for more since the festival’s creation seven years ago. From Maggie Rogers’ gripping stage presence to the awe-inspiring psychedelic spectacle during Tame Impala’s set, the audience was steadily captivated throughout the whole weekend.

Atlanta gratefully drank up all the guitar soloing, crowd surfing, vocal harmonizing, shoe-beer-chugging (courtesy of Grouplove), dancing, pyrotechnics, confetti blasting, and laser light shows. The exhaustion felt by many attendees on Monday morning was well worth it. We’ll be back for another round next year.

Check out some of the most memorable moments from the festival below.


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