5 Questions for moe.

by Caleb Calhoun

Photo by Rick Levinson / RL Photo Studio

You guys just took a hiatus. What has time off taught you about the band and it’s direction?

CHUCK: When we’re working a lot, it seems like you really want a break to rest and do fun “home stuff”. I think that having your friend get sick completely sucks … and being forced to take a hiatus makes us all realize even more how fortunate we are to have each other as friends and have this great “job” that’s so fun! I can’t speak for everyone, but I think we all don’t want to take anything for granted. Quest forth and make new music!

Y’all haven’t released any new music (live or otherwise) since 2014. When can we expect to see more of that?

ROBWe’ve been working pretty hard at making a perfect album’s worth of material.  As soon as we hit the point that we feel like it’s right to go and record it all we’re going to get in the studio and lay it down.  I think it is coming very soon.

You will have the Travers Brothership opening. Which other Asheville musicians do you love seeing or collaborating with?

ALThe Avett Brothers! They’ve played both moe.down & SummerCamp several times over the years. We just watched the new documentary while we were holed up in Maine working on some new material. What a great band. 

Y’all have had a good relationship with Pisgah for a while now. What is it that keeps bringing you back to that venue?

VINNIEI’d say we keep coming back both because of our relationship with pisgah and we love the venue, outdoor, in the trees.  Really cool spot that our fans really enjoy, it has a great family atmosphere and everyone has a really great time.  We’ve played in the rain there a couple of times and fans stay until the end and rock out because they love the venue and we love playing it…

You have a day off between the show in Asheville and your next show in New Jersey. Do you plan to spend some time around town before you take off? What are your favorite places to eat at when you are here?

Bonus Question: Does the toilet paper roll over or under on your tour bus?

JIMOver. Always over. It’s the proper way. 

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