Fort Funk Returns: Featuring Eufórquestra, The Jauntee & Miscomunicado at Washington’s – Fort Collins, CO – 4.7.18

Words and Photos by Nicholas Stock // Fat Guerilla Productions

Few towns take the time to celebrate music and community like Fort Collins. The Choice City as it’s known, is home to locally grown music festivals, nationally known events, and an enormous array of venues for live music. The newest of which is Washington’s. This locale was previously the site of a well-loved but ultimately outdated sports bar. In the last year it was been totally gutted and transformed into a world-class club complete with a massive stage and state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment. Since the new and improved Washington’s has opened they’ve already played host to well over a dozen concerts including Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and Martin Sexton with Keller Williams.

Fort Funk is a annual springtime celebration hosted by Eufórquestra. Last year they were joined by Eddie Roberts and Tnertle, but this time around they invited Boston’s The Jauntee and local rockers Miscomunicado to join the show.

While their name insinuates a lack of understanding, it was clear Miscomunicado’s music was straightforward and technically amazing. The first thing that I noticed was a massive projection screen behind the band. They utilize video art created by SkEYEfi to create the look and feel of their shows. The added psychedelic imagery backlights the band as they take us all on a sonic journey. Miscomunicado opened with the dance party psych-rock song “Victory.”


Midway through their set they treated fans to an obscure cover of a song actually performed by the character Old Greg on the UK sketch comedy show The Mighty Boosh. The song “Love Games” was immediately recognizable and afterwards several fans let the band know of their appreciation. They rocked out heavily on the original track “Biscuits and Gravy” before treating fans to an epic mash up featuring Hall & Oates and Lipps, Inc. They closed the show with the appropriately titled “Catalina Wine Mixer.”

Miscomunicado are up-and-comers on the Front Range. They have a sense of humor and the ability to blend styles and genres of music from the past fifty years seamlessly. Go see them now.

Set 1: Victory, Caveman Gigabytes, Hypnosis Blues, Sock Hop, Love Games, Hotter and Hotter, Biscuits and Gravy, I Can’t Go For That / Funky Town / Channelling Mash Up, Catalina Wine Mixer


The Jauntee is another band that is currently setting the scene on fire. With an average of over a hundred shows a year since their formation in 2012, The Jauntee is doing their damnedest to get their name in your head. Their set at Washington’s was simply put, stellar. They opened with with the progressive funk tune “I Wanna Love You (Just For One Night).”

Set 1: I Wanna Love You (Just For One Night)> Mr. Murderin’ Man, Dirty George> Dirty Job, Puppy In My Pocket> Have You Ever

The Jauntee is another in the wave of new age East Coast jambands that have shaken off the shackles of the pervious generation’s jam. Bands like Twiddle, Spafford, Aqueous, and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have lead the way, but The Jauntee is hot on their trail. The “Dirty Duo” of tunes also known as “Dirty George > Dirty Job” featured some of the grimiest funk of the night. This four-piece plays big, going from zero to 110 instantaneously. “Puppy In My Pocket” had a Phish-y feel and got fans moving on the dance floor. They closed with jazzy rendition of “Have You Ever.” This band is relentless not only in their touring, but in their drive to dominate the national jam scene. Look for them playing festivals across the country this summer.


Eufórquestra continues to be a shinning beacon of funk, rock, and Afrobeat in a world overloaded with unconvincing live music. It’s rare to find a band of this caliber anywhere. Having moved to Colorado from their home state of Iowa, Eufórquestra has gained a national following through sheer determination, insane touring, and powerful musicianship. They incite dance parties wherever they go and their set at Washington’s was no different. They opened with a highly caffeinated version of “Instant Coffee.”

Playing for just over ninety minutes, the core group of Eufórquestra invited Jon Gray to fill in on Trumpet for Matt Bricker and Kim Dawson to share her vocals throughout the show. The reggae-tastic version of “I’m Giving It All” got fans dancing before a massive “Higher” sung by Austin Zalatel blew off the roof. Kim Dawson made her first appearance of the evening on “Take Me Dancing.” “Rotten Apples” mashed into Jamiroquai’s “Light Years” was an obvious highlight. “Price Is Right” is another explosive tune in a band that might as well work at a bomb factory. This band just gets it. They are all incredibly talented, specifically guitarist Mike Tallman who is an absolute monster. His shred-heavy style is the stuff of local legend. He is as talented as he is unknown. Kim Dawson emerged from the side stage again to lend her impressive vocals on “Just Not Ready for Love.” Drummer Jeff Peterson got his chance to shine on “Tanga Boo Gonk.” Having recently played a series a Led Zeppelin-themed shows, they treated fans to a ridiculous version of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave” before they closed the show with “Rock Me Again.” The band returned to encore with a perfect take on The Allman Brothers classic “Midnight Rider.”

If you like to dance at concerts I highly recommend checking out Eufórquestra. They make sure their fans have a good time and that’s really what it’s all about. Through interesting song choices and unbelievable collaborations, Eufórquestra continues to dominate the live music scene in Colorado. With stops across the country including at Summer Camp Music Festival, the City Park Jazz Series and Rhythms on The Rio it’s only a matter of time for Eufórquestra.

Set 1: Instant Coffee, Stank Funk, Giving It All, Higher> If I’m in Luck, Take Me Dancing, Rotten Apples> Light Years, Backbone, Price Is Right, Just Not Ready for Love, Wasted, Tanga Boo Gonk, Babe I’m Gonna Leave, Rock Me Again
Encore: Midnight Rider


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