Mihali Solo Tour Coming Your Way

by Chris Snyder

Photo by Greg Horowitz

With the success of the Vermont group, Twiddle, lead vocalist/guitarist Mihali Savoulidis has worked hard over the years to be a true road warrior. When he is not in the van with his longtime friends and bandmates, he enjoys hitting the road solo. This late fall tour will take him all over New England & the Midwest

On Saturday, Mihali will grace the stage in The City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Located on Chestnut Street, MilkBoy will serve as home. Mihali is known for his guitar work and to blend in both original tunes and covers from artists ranging from Sublime to The Counting Crows throughout his sets.

Opening up the night will be pop/soul artist, Philadelphia artist, Brian Fitzy.

Be sure to catch both of these artists for a rare intimate evening.



Mihali Savoulidis:



Mihali Savoulidis: Saturday 12/2

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