EXCLUSIVE DEBUT: Doctor Rick “Theme Song” Live at Nectar’s

By Chris Snyder & Mitchell Parrish

Hailing from The University Of Vermont, Doctor Rick is a group of friends with a penchant for the groove. The rock/jam outfit has been working hard over the years to gain buzz in the local music scene and they’ve steadily expanded their following to Connecticut and New Jersey music communities. We’ve been following them for a little while now and are excited about their steady rise in the scene. These guys have something special going on.

Drummer and band manager Zach Santarsiero has a very unique approach to booking shows. Instead of the traditional, emailing venues (hoping for the best), Santarsiero reaches out to other like minded bands to see if they can hop on their bill in true DIY fashion. This has helped them become an underground success so early on.

Recently, the band performed to a packed house at Nectar’s in Burlington and were able to capture one of their best tunes. With the help of their good friend & sound engineer Max Smith, the band went into the studio to record their EP. Smith, worked world famous Electric Lady Studios, known for recording such artists as Jimi Hendrix and AC/DC, just to name a few. When Doctor Rick, were thinking about, who to help them with the record, Mr. Smith was a “no brainer.”

Be sure to check out their original tune “Theme Song” record live in Fall 2017 at Nectar’s, produced & edited by Kayhl Cooper.

Doctor Rick plans to tour early in 2018 up and down the Eastern seaboard. Be sure to check out this up and coming rock ‘n roll band, so you can say “I remember when…” years from now.

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