LMD PREMIERE: “When November Came” by EKDAHL

by Mitchell Parrish

Paul Kmiec aka EKDAHL has produced a beautiful, stunning film & accompanying song reflecting the feelings of many (most?) Americans after the 2016 election. EKDAHL takes on the election in no uncertain terms: it’s a bleak portrayal of the results & our inability to stomach its consequences, with clear winners and losers. Us and them; him and her; they and them. It’s unsettling– so much so, that you may find yourself squirming & contorting as you watch.

As soon as you press play, a scarecrow’s face ensnares you, bringing you in with a lifeless grin and the smooth textures of a reverberated acoustic guitar. By the end, you’ve seen a crazed, fiery preacher handing out “I Voted” communion wafers, snakes emerging from “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, a little kid with a nerf gun, & confetti-filled fights. There are also sections of surrealist choreography that conjures a necessary feeling of absurdity.

It is, after all, 2017. Absurdity is the new normal.

This is America, the good and the bad, and Kmiec is unafraid to tell it like it is. Also, the song is really strong and very well produced. My ears gave me Flaming Lips & David Bowie vibes, but I’ll let you listen and decide for yourself.

Check the video below and stay tuned for an in depth interview with EKDAHL tomorrow.


More EKDAHL Below:



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