Jack White Releases New Song “Battle Cry”

By Max Stewart

Today, completely out of left field, Jack White released a new song called “Battle Cry”, marking his newest material since 2014’s Lazaretto. The tune is a sludgy, bottom-heavy instrumental carried by White’s knack for writing a headbanging guitar riff. At the risk of nerding-out a little too hard, the song sounds like something the orcs would listen to when prepping for battle in the Lord of the Rings films (Too much? Sorry).

If you didn’t know, apparently White has now invested in the baseball bat company Warstic with a member of his hometown team, Detroit Tigers’ Ian Kinsler (“Battle Cry” will also be Kinsler’s walk-up song).  The song is featured in the marketing film for Warstic, so maybe this song is just to promote White’s new investment? Or maybe there is more new music to be released? Either way, this is a welcomed Friday surprise for fans of the mystical blues-rocker.

Third Man Records is also set to release “Battle Cry” as part of a limited edition 7” on Record Store Day, with a portion of proceeds going to the Native American charity, The Well for Culture Institute.

Click here for the Spotify Track

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