Video Premiere: GravelTooth Drops Road-Raging single “Hair Trigger” featuring dancer Brynn Route.

GravelTooth just released a music video for their latest single, ‘Hair Trigger.’ The trippy video drops us into a late-night interrogation scene after a road-rage kidnapping incident. It gets weirder from there, with singer Curtis Pierce morphing into a sexy pole-dancing contortionist (played by the lovely and talented Brynn Route – ) and continues to the dark side with god knows what else these dudes have in their twisted heads.

If you are new to GravelTooth, they are an up-and-coming rock band out of Austin, TX, melding elements of Chili-Peppers funk with hard-hitting Zeppelin-esque rock riffs. This release follows 2 well-received music videos for their songs ‘Gentrified’ and ‘Ask Yourself’.

You can download the new single ‘Hair Trigger’ for FREE on Bandcamp (or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and others.

Catch GravelTooth in Austin at SXSW 2017 – Here’s their schedule:

Friday March 16 10:30pm – ATX meets ATL Showcase at the Hippie House

Saturday March 17 4pm – Funk By Funk Fest at the Dogwood

Saturday March 17 7pm – Infamous Brewing Co Anniversary party

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