Video Premiere: Rapper, Producer Amos Lachman “Snap”


LA-based rapper and producer Amos Lachman recently put out his self-produced debut EP AntiSoCal to considerable acclaim. LMD is excited to premiere the music video for his killer single “Snap.” Lachman partnered with friends and filmmakers Alec Richker & Anthony Lucido for the video, which was captured exclusively using SnapChat on an iPhone 7.

I wanted the song to be a technical showcase that wasn’t too self-serious. When I heard the directors’ concept, I knew they had hit the sweet spot of zany menace that fit the lyrics and production perfectly! – Amos Lachman

It’s quirky. It’s cheeky. It’s a bit trippy.

We dig it and think you will too.

We used the “face replacer” filter on snapchat to put Amos’ face on his face. It took about 5 hours to film the 26 separate snaps that make up the video. At one point we had to put the iPhone 7 we were using in the freezer cause it began to overheat. The space we used to film was our friend’s apt dining room. He says it’s more useful that way. Our vfx/colorist friend did all the glitches, so I have no idea what programs were used for that, and all the backgrounds are of old Windows 98 screensavers, which is why the aspect ratio is in 4:3. That’s it!

– Alec Richker, Filmmaker

Download his tunes HERE. Or check him on SoundCloud



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Instagram: @amoslachman

Twitter: @amoslachman

Facebook: /amoslachman

SnapChat: AmosLachman

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