Exclusive Video Premiere: DC’s Bencoolen Release ‘Spotlight’ Music Video

Spotlight is a song that highlights Bencoolen’s latest dimension with riff rock elements and conscious solo space for their new alto sax player, Jack Bentsen.

I wrote it with the perspective of a child growing up under a rich, famous father in mind… best I could imagine it. I’ve spent too much time envying people for what they had or blaming my lack of success on not being in the right place. Writing these lyrics was an effort to sit back and find a peace in paving my own path and not facing consistent judgement growing up… even if there are drawbacks to the mechanical, factory-like way us regular people are programmed to operate.” – Teddy Scott

This video shows Bencoolen performing of their favorite cities. The sax-feature is a compilation of footage recorded at a little bar in Washington, DC called Roofer Union. The rest of the song includes footage from Charlottesville, VA at the Southern Café where the band played with the Marcus King Band. The music was recorded on a live take with overdub punches at Inner Ear Studios in Virginia with legendary engineer, Don Zientara. Don has put together projects for many great bands from Fugazi to the Foo Fighters and really pushed Bencoolen to record much more naturally than they ever have before. Will had zero punches on his drum track. That’s one shot. You want to hear what Bencoolen sounds like? This is as honest as it gets.


Written by Teddy Scott & Paul Gregg

Vocals, Guitar — Paul Gregg

Guitar — Teddy Scott

Alto Sax — Jack Bentsen

Bass — Ben Suarez

Drums — Will Lockery

Engineer — Don Zientara, Inner Ear Studios

Mastering — TJ Lipple

~~Video Team~~


Co-Directors — Walker Livingston & Ryan Gilbert

Producer — Andrew Avrick

Editor — V.O.










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