Video Interview: Luther Dickinson – I Feel a Responsibility to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Cover Photo by Josh Brick Graphics

The son of one of music’s most important and influential producers, Luther Dickinson was surrounded by music since day one. Real music. The good stuff.

And now it flows through his veins.

His father, Jim, a Memphis legend, worked with some of the most notable bands in the business, and passed his knowledge down to Luther who, in 1996, formed North Mississippi Allstars with his brother Cody.

Since then, Luther has gone on to play with just about everyone, including a short stint as guitarist for The Black Crowes.

His most recent solo work is a double album that celebrates the music of his life and career. “Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger’s Songbook) Vol. I & II” is an incredible collection of songs, and it’s been on my constant iTunes rotation for a while now.

Especially Sunday mornings. It’s that kind of album.

The heart of this interview is about Luther’s understanding in his place in rock and roll, and the responsibility he feels to carry the torch and pass it on.

* Apparently This Matters is an interview series by Jarrett Bellini. The concept it simple: I have a case filled with postcards. On the back of each postcard, I write different topics. We pick these cards at random. And then we talk.

Twitter: @jarrettbellini

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