LCD Soundsystem & iii Points: A Match Made In Heaven

Photo by Ruvan Wijesooriya

By Eytan Eilender

The excitement is in the air, as LCD Soundsystem is about to make their triumphant return to Miami. The last time they were in the Magic City was in December 2010 for a small private Art Basel party, nearly 6 years ago. Formed in 2002, there is no doubt that LCD Soundsystem led the movement for a generation of hipsters, forming a new hybrid genre of music that could be described as Electro-Disco-Punk-Funk-Dance-Rock. Their influence has been paramount to say the least.

Sadly, they decided to disband after nearly a decade, and held their final concert entitled “The Funeral” on April 2, 2011 at Madison Square Garden. It was a three & a half hour concert featuring numerous special guests. The performance was legendary, and was released as a documentary in 2012 called “Shut Up and Play the Hits” which garnered much acclaim. Years went by, and they announced a reunion, with Coachella to be their first shows back. They have played major festivals and concerts throughout the Summer, and have shown that they are not just back for a money grab, but that this is all about the music for them.

This is why the fact that they are headlining the 4th Annual iii Points Arts, Music, and Tech Fest is so unbelievably exciting. It is bar none the smallest festival they have played and will play in all of 2016, their reunion year. This intimate setting will be magical, especially in Wynwood, which has evolved to become one the current flourishing hipster capitals of the world.

James Murphy is not only the front man of LCD Soundsystem, but the band was completely his brainchild as well. He is also the co-founder of DFA Records. James Murphy headlined the 1st Annual iii Points Festival in October 2012, in the midst of the band’s breakup. Therefore, it is only fitting that now that they are back together, that LCD Soundsystem would be headlining this year’s iii Points Festival. This shows an immense respect for the festival on LCD Soundsystem’s part, and it is clear that iii Points and the band have a truly symbiotic relationship.

Anyone who has witnessed any LCD Soundsystem concerts this Summer since their return, knows exactly how on point and enthusiastically exuberant this band is sounding right now. They are playing with a freshness, and it is clear that they are oozing with gratitude to be back doing what they love best, which is playing mind blowing live music and having a blast doing it.

It is safe to say that LCD Soundsystem’s headlining performance at iii Points on Friday, October 7th will likely be the show of the year in South Florida. It is going to be absolutely magical, and will leave an imprint on all of our hearts as we soak it all in with gratitude. If iii Points wasn’t already a successful festival, which it is, this headlining performance by LCD Soundsystem will absolutely put them on the map for good. It’s only up from here for iii Points Festival and LCD Soundsystem.

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