Warren Haynes Joins AfterParty with The Ron Holloway Band & Andrew Trongone! (Video & Photos)


Photos by Josh Brick Graphics

Last night is one of those nights where everything seemed to click just right. Following a roaring Gov’t Mule performance at Celebrate Virginia Afterhours in Fredericksburg, VA, Warren Haynes showed up to join his long time friend Ron Holloway and his band. Ron is one of the best sax players there is, he has performed with the best of them from Dizzie Gillipsie to Warren Haynes and everything in-between. The DC native’s began when Ron’s father would come home from work with Prestige and Blue Note record at least once or twice a week. And while it wouldn’t be years later till he would actually have an interest in a musical interest it nonetheless laid the foundation for his musical mind.


Ron’s band is stacked featuring the soaring vocals of Jenny Langer and Rachel Ann, as well as renowned blues guitarist Joe Poppen, Christopher Brown on bass, and Barry Sheppard on drums.

Check out this video of the band last night at the Gov’t Mule After Party at Hard Times Cafe in Fredericksburg, Virginia:performing “Fight the Power” filmed by Tom Libera.

Those of you who keep up with the site are likely familiar with one of our favorite rising talents on the live music scene, The Trongone Band who will be performing at Deep Mountain Roots Revival festival this weekend.

Brothers Andrew and Johnny Trongone reached out to Ron regarding their interest in catching the afterparty. Having already played with Ron a good bit it came without too much surprise that Ron told Andrew to come to the show and to bring his gear. The rest of the magic you can see below.

It was pretty wild standing on stage next to one of my life long guitar idols, almost felt like a dream. All I could think about was the the Allman Brothers live at Great Woods DVD from 1991 that I stole from my dad that I used to watch as a kid when I first started playing. That is when I first heard Warren Hanes. But last night, he sounded unbelievable, just straight up telecaster to amp. No pedals or anything. My guitar has never sounded so good.


But anyway, Ron called me up, I grabbed Joe’s guitar, Ron leaned in to me and said “you’ll have fun with this one”, I had no idea what it was but I was ready for anything. So I just lay back, listened for changes, comped Warren, and let loose when he turned around to me and said go. Went into a trans, and when I came back I was like whoa, that just happened. Haha. It was a really special night. – Andrew Trongone

Video by Tom Libera

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