Major and the Monbacks Discuss Show Tonight in DC & New Album

Like the Alabama Shakes and St. Paul and the Broken Bones? You do not want to sleep on this show if you are in the DC area tonight (July 3rd). Incredible vocal harmonies, powerful song progressions define this eight-piece Rock n’ Soul band.

We recently spoke with Cole Friedman of Major and Monbacks about the new album that has not yet been released, the Hamilton, and their multi instrumental talents.

Tickets for tonight’s show are available here.

Could you tell us about recording the album? How is the final result different? What did you not like about the last album that was captured in this one?
We recorded the new album at Montrose recording in Richmond va. This record was our first time working with a producer rather than producing the record ourselves. The process was a lot different because most of the songs were written a few months before we recorded the album and we had a chance to really fine tune and work through each song. Matthew E. white of Spacebomb Records produced the record with us and having an outside voice and opinion also helped us explore different ideas and really get the most out of what we had written. The last record was also primarily live tracked, with a live vibe being the goal. This record we wanted to have time to experiment and add layers and use the studio setting to our advantage. Both records were recorded on analog tape, though. Several of you switch instruments on stage mid show and switch vocal roles frequently. Whose voice is good for what dynamic range?

Several of you switch instruments on stage mid show and switch vocal roles frequently. Whose voice is good for what dynamic range?

With 3 songwriters there is a lot of diversity in the songs and it gives Neal, Michael, and Harry a chance to write on both piano and guitar. The songwriter pretty much decides how he wants to play and arrange the song live, which has given us the opportunity to switch around on instruments more often. As far as vocally, they are all switching around but Michael definitely crushes the high harmonies and Neal’s
got the Wilson Pickett-esque scream on point.

What do you most enjoy about playing The Hamilton?

The production and hospitality are top notch at the Hamilton and it’s a classy club that hosts rock n roll. We play clubs all over the country and sometimes you never know what to expect. But at the Hamilton you know they are going to take care of you and make sure the show is successful and that the bands leave happy. That’s what sets them apart.


Hailing from Norfolk, VA, Major and the Monbacks have created their own blend of rock n roll, merging retro 60’s rock n roll, psychedelic twang, soaring three-part harmonies, and the high energy and horn laden grit of southern soul. With three songwriters all switching between lead and backing vocal duties, and a powerful rhythm section comprised of both a drummer and full time percussion player, the Monbacks have honed a very powerful sound. The band’s debut full length album, available now, has given the band a chance to finally capture the energy and tenacity of their live performances and translate that to a full studio release.

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