Zoogma Collaborates with 12 Artists on ‘New Era EP’ (Album Review)


Collaborates with 12 artists to Release a Remix Album of their New Era EP


By Randy Harris

Zoogma, the live electronic band based in Nashville, TN, spent the majority of 2015 in the studio perfecting what would become their 2016 release, the New Era EP. The project featured four brand new tracks, and the resulting record represented a giant leap forward in all aspects of the recording process, including production and songwriting. The quartet has more in store for the New Era creative process, however, and on June 17, 2016, they are set to release a remix album, featuring 12 different remixes produced by 12 different artists. Each of these artists breathes a fresh air of new life into their respective tunes, making the album a must-have follow-up to the EP.

First up, The Best Dancers (Portland, OR), present their interpretation of the title track, “New Era.” The electro trio brings a pleasing tone to the ear throughout the tune and then blasts out the final minute. Vibe Street (Denver, CO) busts out a warbly trip-hop version of “High 5,” while the heavy bass producers of Unlimited Aspect (Colorado) turn “Molasses” around and go straight for the hard-hitting drop… with their own little spin of course. Spankalicious (Cincinnati, OH) gets experimental and edgy in a groovy remix of “Let Me Demonstrate,” rounding off the first set of tunes on the record.

The second set of remixes kicks off with Luke the Knife (Denver, CO), who brings the first true four-to-the-floor groove to the table with his version of “High 5.” He also throws in some funky bass lines, talk-box induced lyrics and euphoric keyboard to add his own personal flavor. DELTAnine (Baltimore, MD) brings “Molasses” to new heights, slowing the pace down and taking a dark, mind-altering turn. DYNOHUNTER (Boulder, CO) turns the tech house on for a funky, groovy “New Era,” leaving listeners mesmerized in a headspin for Turbo Suit (Indianapolis, IN) to take over with a deep, soothing take on “High 5.”

Resonant Frequency (Austin, TX) rings in the final third of the album with a heavy hitting version of “Let Me Demonstrate,” while MZG (Jacksonville, FL) comes in with a synth-heavy “High 5” that brings back the four-to-the-floor groove. One last beastly, hip-hop based “Molasses” comes from Dalton Richmond (Fayetteville, AR), and Modern Measure (Atlanta, GA) closes out the album with an upbeat drum & bass version of “New Era” that truly brings out the euphoric nature of the original tune as it breaks out in the end.

As I said before, this is a must-have follow-up to the New Era EP, featuring 12 amazing artists from all over the country. Every single one of them absolutely rocked their remix, providing a beautiful journey through the music of Zoogma. The album never seems repetitive, since each artist brings fresh ideas to the songs, and all of them will keep your body moving and your head swimming. New Era EP Remixes will be released this Friday, June 17, 2016. iTunes pre-order is live, and you can check out some preview tracks from the album as well as all other Zoogma music at the bands Soundcloud (www.souncloud.com/zoogma). See the full tracklist below!

  1. New Era (The Best Dancers Remix)
  2. High 5 (Vibe Street Remix)
  3. Molasses (Unlimited Aspect Remix)
  4. Let Me Demonstrate (Spankalicious Remix)
  5. High 5 (Luke the Knife Remix)
  6. Molasses (DELTAnine Remix)
  7. New Era (DYNOHUNTER Remix)
  8. High 5 (Turbo Suit Remix)
  9. Let Me Demonstrate (Resonant Frequency Remix)
  10. High 5 (MZG Remix)
  11. Molasses (Dalton Richmond Remix)
  12. New Era (Modern Measure Remix)

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