Happy Birthday Derek Trucks: B.B. King, John Mayer & Derek Trucks Jam at Hollywood Bowl

By Max Stewart • Photo by Josh Brick Graphics

Happy Birthday to the Slide Master, Mr. Derek Trucks!  In 37 years, he has redefined what it means to be a versatile live musician and set an insurmountable high bar for any guitarist who wants to play the slide.

Trucks already has a storied career which has included being a full-time member of The Allman Brothers Band, founding the highly-successful Tedeschi Trucks Band with his wife Susan Tedeschi, and performing with legends such as B.B. King (who called his solo “about as good as I’ve ever heard it”), Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan.

Throughout all of his success, Trucks has maintained a calm humility which permeates during live performances, as he effortlessly plays complex arrangements but manages to never step on any toes.  He has a distinct style and tone yet every single solo tells a different story (his “10 Commandments of Jam” are great rules to live by for any musicians out there).

Trucks will continue to inspire a long line of music fans and guitarists alike.  We are all very appreciative for what you have done for music and look forward to many more great years. Cheers!

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