Exclusive: Richmond Indie Rock Trio, Imaginary Sons, Brand New Single “Sloburd” (Free Download)

Live Music Daily Exclusive: IMAGINARY SONS

New Single Breathes Life Into Band That Shouldn’t Exist


Based in Richmond, VA, the power trio Imaginary Sons are led by a guitarist who by all accounts shouldn’t be alive today. Their newest single “Sloburd,” coming out April 3rd off their second album ‘Don’t Impress Me’ describes the internal retreat of a man trying to protect his friendships while rediscovering himself.

Tommy Crisafulli, also the lead singer of the band, suffered from two brain aneurysms which should have killed him in October of 2012. The trauma caused severe personality and communication difficulties. His relationships all but crumbled beneath him, so he turned to music making in order to find normalcy again. Out of that turmoil, and other setbacks more common with bands, the Imaginary Sons eventually developed into the punk-tinged rock three-piece they are, also featuring Kyle Hermann on bass and Drew Shaymer on drums.

This song is about the self-induced isolation I put myself through to “save” my friends and family from myself, and the acceptance that people I held most dearly didn’t wanna stick around. But living through that, losing an entire chunk of my life, has helped me realize how precious every moment you have alive with your friends is.” – Tommy Crisafulli, Imaginary Sons

Crisafulli has miraculously made a full recovery and he hasn’t wasted a moment since. After a well-received debut album titled ‘Let it Beer,’ the Sons set to work on their second album, with the lead single “Sloburd” featuring back-up vocals from Sera Stavroula of Toxic Moxie. It was recorded at Sound of Music studios by John Morand, who has worked with Lamb of God, Black Crowes, Carbon Leaf, Hanson, and many others.  The album was mixed and mastered at The Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC, of Andrew Bird, The Mountain Goats and Ryan Adams fame. ‘Don’t Impress Me’ will be released on April 29th with a full performance of the album in its entirety at The Camel. The Sons play again May 7th at Gallery 5, May 25that Strange Matter, and June 27th at Capital Ale House. The album is set for release on Bossy Lil’ Thing Records.

Free Download

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