Exclusive: Sammy Senior Talks Remixing “Real Steel” by See-I (Free Download)

Q&A with Sammy Senior

How/why did you pick that song to remix?

Sammy Senior: It just jumped out at me. I actually requested to Jon H if I could be a part of the remix album because I had loved the first one so much, there were only a few tracks already taken so I was stoked it was still available.

Why did you decide to go in that direction? What factor led you to do that kind of a remix?

Ha, actually when I first remixed it I did a drum and bass remix, I sent it to Jon and he didn’t reply, I got paranoid he didn’t like it and decided to remix it again in a different style as a back up, which ended up being the better remix anyway, so that’s how that happened.

Have you heard the rest of the remixes? Which ones are you feeling?

Of course! I love playing remixes from both albums. I was particularly impressed with Lack Jemmons remix of Queen of Sheeba on the same release as mine.

Thanks to See-i and Fort Knox, I was really stoked to be a part of the release. Cheers!

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