Is Phish Recording in Nashville Right Now?


Phish might be up to something in Nashvegas this week. According to an article by Jambase, the band has mentioned a return to Nashville to record in the past, that is not new news. But we just didn’t know the time-frame. Maybe we do now.

Last night all members of the band were spotted at a Kung Fu show at 12th & Porter in downtown Nashville. Recently, the boys were said to be rehearsing at “the Barn” in Vermont (which certainly is not a surprise at all given the epic summer tour just a few months away).

While nothing is confirmed, it’s exciting to hear that our four favorite musicians are spending sometime down south and potentially working with some new material in the studio.

*Also, Trey mentioned that they would be coming back to record an album during the show at Ascend Amphitheater.

Let us know your thoughts or any leads in the comments section.

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