DC Funk Parade Launches Indiegogo Community Fundraising Campaign

DC Funk Parade

Launches Indiegogo Community Fundraising Campaign


Photos by Josh Brick Graphics

Funk Parade brings together District residents from all walks of life into the streets to make music together, celebrate the city they love, and dance to the rhythms that move us all. Funk Parade connects us with each other, and it connects our present with our past and future. Music, and especially funk, is a convening force that can bring us together to help us find a greater good!

This year we need YOUR help with the Indiegogo Community Fundraising Campaign!

Sponsorships and grants can’t keep up with the demands of the event. Your contribution is essential to making this happen.

Last year, Washingtonians helped raise over $15,000 for Funk Parade through Indiegogo.  That support is crucial to make Funk Parade a reality.

This year the event will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2016. For info click here.


Funk Parade brought together Washingtonians of every imaginable sort to have a good time together. Black, white, young, old, men and women all reached out to one another, discovering that in fact we share being Washingtonians and we share a joy in being with one another.”

— Blair Ruble, Historian and author of U Street: A Biography

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How Can You Help?

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     •    Donate to the  Indiegogo Community Fundraising Campaign
  • Follow and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (#RollUrFunk), and help spread the word!
  • Share this campaign with anyone and everyone who you want to see celebrating the spirit of Funk!
  • On May 7th, come to U Street and join in the third annual Funk Parade!

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