Exclusive: Rob Myers, Co-Founder of Fort Knox Recordings, Talks Remixes for See-I’s “Knowledge Shine Bright” (Free Download)

Rob Myers (Co-Founder of Fort Knox Recordings, See-I, Thievery Corporation)

Talks Remixes for See-I’s “Knowledge Shine Bright”

Exclusive Free Download

Ryan Swerdlin Photography

Fort Knox Recordings is what made DC feel like home for us years ago. Not only does Fort Knox Recordings feature some of the best talents in the area, but they’ve made international waves with a  sound that transcends geographic barriers or anything of the like.

See-I has been performing at clubs and venues around the world, while maintaining a 10 year residency at the Eighteenth Street Lounge has given See-I a deep appreciation for dance music. No strangers to remix culture, See-I’s 2015 album Knowledge Shine Bright has been remixed by some of the world’s finest producers over a wide range of styles, from house and downtempo, to glitch-hop, dub and drum’n’bass.

When taking new material and remixing it there is a philosophy and approach to such an endeavor. We spoke with Rob Myers (See-I/Thievery Corporation/Fort Knox Five/Thunderball & cofounder of Fort Knox Recordings, Sitar/Guitar) recently about the new remixes.

Fort Knox Recordings has built such a wide family of remixers, much of it due to the tireless dancefloor diplomacy practiced by the late JonH. It’s been a pleasure to be at this point where people and producers we admire are reworking our music for the places where it’s supposed to be heard. We really put this album (and our last remix album) in the hands of JonH and our manager Andy Cerutti, they connected the dots between Who would do it and How it should sound. And Steve Raskin of Fort Knox Five always helps oversee the masters as they come in, making sure it all sounds level across a very broad spectrum. – Rob Myers, See-I/Thievery Corporation/Fort Knox Five/Thunderball & cofounder of Fort Knox Recordings, Sitar/Guitar

We also spoke with Astronaut Jones about why they chose to remix “Rebel in Blue”.

That beat just grabbed us. It’s the rare beat that has strong elements on both the downbeat and the backbeat, while staying totally in the groove. The lyrics also put us in a dreamy, somnolent, half asleep head space, and that’s exactly the spot where we like to operate, at least to start. Of course with us, we’re primarily instrumental producers, so we wanted to repurpose the vocals and play it like an instrument. After our super subby bass bas/dub intro, we tried to create a texture that felt “blue,” maybe watery and build on from there. We also dropped a live drum sample we’d been toying with from our friend Bill Speakman of Second Sky. And that was just a tag idea we had from jamming in the studio, wanting to leave the listener with a left turn at the end. – Astronaut Jones

Free Download

If you enjoy the song, you can stream & buy the entire album via Bandcamp or Beatport.

*Special thanks to See-I & the Fort Knox Five Family

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