Exclusive: Funky Friday FREE DOWNLOAD | Fort Knox Five “Whatcha Gonna Do” feat. Mustafa Akbar

Exclusive: Fort Knox Five Funky Friday Free Download

“Whatcha Gonna Do” feat. Mustafa Akbar


While we primarily deal with national and sometimes even international coverage, we call DC our home. And in DC, No other group crushes the breaks like Fort Knox Five. They’re a personal favorite of ours and a lot of folks tend to agree. And we are blessed they’re from the nation’s capital. In fact, Fort Knox Five & Qdup will be bringing dance floor disco funk to Tropicalia  at 14th & U Streets in DC as part of their “Sao Funky Saturday” residency.

Today we are pleased to present you with our second track of the week featuring Mustafa Akbar. His vocals are dynamic, his lyrics are meaningful, and his sound reverberates with authenticity. His talent & musical acumen comes from his understanding of a variety of genres. He can sing with Nappy Riddem, Fort Knox Five, or any other act. Mustafa is a songwriter and singer in the purest sense. Here he is on the mic with none other than Fort Knox Five.

The original mix of “Whatcha Gonna Do” featuring Mustafa Akbar is a slick of quintessential Fort Knox Five retro disco funk – straight from the ’70s – infused with tight, electronic production. With its live horns, funky guitar riffs and Mustafa Akbar’s soulful hooks, Fort Knox Five has created an irresistible party anthem. DJs and radio stations alike have rallied behind “Whatcha Gonna Do”, making it one of the lead tracks from Fort Knox Five’s 2015 album Pressurize The Cabin.

Free Download


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