Coachella 2016 – Guns N’ Roses, LCD Soundsystem & more


Guns N’ Roses, LCD Soundsystem & more


Love it or hate it, Coachella is back. And it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This latest lineup reveals some cool reunions like LCD Soundsystem and Guns N’ Roses and contains a grab-bag variety of acts. This isn’t a heady jam fest, nor is it just an EDM free for all, it is a music festival marketed to appeal to a broad fanbase. For what its worth there’s some solid acts on here even if you aren’t crazy about some of the more “mainstream” headliners.

All I can say is the Guns N’ Roses is my childhood calling. Let’s pray to the rock gods that they don’t butcher this one and that Axl Rose, Slash and the rest of G N’ R punish us with energy that has placed them in the rock n roll history books. This could be epic or a complete and total let-down. Either way, it’ll be entertaining. Let’s hope they just take us to the jungle baby.

Ultimately, this festival is about the who’s who of the music industry. I’m not entirely sure how Beach House is going to follow Rancid after Miike Snow tears it down with his, like, 4 hits. But that doesn’t really matter. The fact that Courtney Barnett can climb to the same rung as Dan Auerbach’s new, hip project The Arcs AND perform on the same day as GNR, Ice Cube & Halsey says something about where the music industry is today: fractured, but still seemingly ripe with talent and intrigue.

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