The Revivalists New Year’s Eve at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta (Photos & Recap)

The Revivalists New Year’s Eve at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta


By Joshua Lumsden

The interim music died, the lights fell, and the crowd erupted with excitement anticipation—everyone knows that the Revivalists know how to party, especially on New Years Eve. David Shaw and company take the stage, instruments in hand. Complete with shirt and tie, red tennis shoes, and a robust afro, Shaw leads the performance with ‘Stand Up’. The party ensues. The songs all begin with distinct melodic synchronicity and quickly turn into resounding anthems amplified by a drunken, singing audience.


The anthems then crescendo into explosive instrumental outros—Ed Williams’ screaming pedal steel licks, Rob Ingraham’s tenor sax swells, Michael Girardot’s vibrato organ. Oftentimes joined by Shaw’s vigorous “na-na-na’s”, these driving jams epitomize the Revivalists concert experience. After two or three songs, the crowd is filled with only two types: dedicated long-time fans, and astounded, newly recruited fans. “10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. THREE. TWO! ONE!!! Ahhyyyyyyyeeee,” screams Shaw as the city dives into 2016. White balloons pour from the ceilings of the Buckhead Theatre as the fans kiss their lovers and hug their friends in celebration. Everyone is stoked to bring in the New Year with such a vibrant crowd and badass band. The Revivalists perpetuate the extravaganza into the next two hours, playing classics like ‘Criminal’, ‘Soul’s Too Loud’, and ‘Catching Fireflies’ along with tunes off their new album Men Amongst Mountains like ‘Keep Going’, ‘Monster’, and ‘It Was a Sin’. After a Tenor Sax solo, exceptional bass solo, and a nuanced pedal steel solo, the band leaves the stage with a crowd demanding more. The Atlanta audience collectively chants the classic Braves Tomahawk Chop until the performers reappear on stage. To close out the show, the Revivalists encored with “Men Amongst Mountains”, and a “Soulfight” that brought out some serious emotions. When we all thought it was over, Feinberg plucks the notorious guitar riff from Eminem and Dr. Dre’s ‘Forgot About Dre’. I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic crowd. The sold-out Buckhead Theatre floors were nearing their breaking point. The Revivalists launched us powerfully and unforgettably into 2016.

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