LiveMusicDaily’s Fan Choice Awards Poll

Vote for Best of 2015

Phil Clarkin-5143

Last year we compiled our own list of our favorite curated picks of the year on a per contributor basis. This year I threw that out the window,we want to hear from you. What did YOU, our readers, our loyal supporters, and music fans enjoy?

You’ll notice we’ve included some of our suggestions in each category: Best Albums of 2015, Best Concert/ Run/Fest Set of 2015, Best Rising Talent of 2015 , Favorite Excursion, and Best Festival of 2015.

Use the “other” feature so we can hear from you, this is especially relevant to best concert/run/ fest of 2015. There is simply no way to compile a full list at the tip of a hat, so please feel free to let us know if you feel someone should be added to the list that is not already on there.

Of course, the NYE runs have yet to happen so we’ve omitted those. We will be bringing you NYE highlights from the country as they happen.

With that in mind it has been a great year for live music. We can’t thank you enough for your support.

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