HeartByrne Discusses Phish Dick’s AfterParties, The Talking Heads, & more!

HB Parish-350

This weekend Phish will make their epic return to Dick’s Sporting Good Park in Commerce City, CO (just outside of Denver) for a three night run.


LiveMusicDaily & I Get Down Clothing are pleased to bring you TWO Phish Dick’s Afterparties with Austin, TX based Talking Heads tribute act, HeartByrne. This marks the group’s first appearance in the state of Colorado. The band is comprised of top notch musicians from one of the best music hubs in the country and boy does HeartByrne deliver live!

They will be performing Saturday and Sunday Night after Phish at Quixotes True Blue in Denver, CO from 12:00am-3:00am (2 sets). Tickets available here.

HB Parish--4

Andy Harn who assumes the role of David Byrne in the band told us what makes HeartByrne so special. “David Byrne’s legacy is timeless. His contributions to music has shaped so much of what we all hear today, especially in the dance scene. Musically and lyrically, he has always been ahead of the curve as far as pop culture and intuitiveness,” says Harn. “We’re traveling all the way from Austin to play at Quixote’s both Saturday and Sunday night for the Phish after-parties! I’m crazy stoked to share this amazing act with everyone.”

Harn is actually a big Phish head and many of you may familiar with A Live One, the Austin based tribute act LiveMusicDaily has and will continue to support. It should come as no surprise that Phish actually led him to the glory of the Talking Heads.

Fear of Music was the first record I ever listened to somewhere in the late ’90s. The Jam band Phish, who often covers the song “Cities” from the album, actually led me to this record which, to this day, is my favorite TH record. Speaking in Tongues is probably their quintessential masterpiece though. Can’t get enough of either of them! – Andy Harn
HB Parish-275


Josh Pearson, who is also in A Live One cites Phish’s love for the Talking Heads as a pivotal moment in his revelation into the greatness of the Talking Heads.
My favorite album is “Remain In Light” which Phish covered in 1996 on Halloween that spurred my love for The Talking Heads.  I had heard much of their music prior to this, but became much more familiar with them after Phish opened my eyes to their greatness.  I then went on to purchase all of their albums and became blown away by how good they are, especially watching the genius of David Byrne during his performance of Stop Making Sense. – Josh Pearson


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