A Look at the Epic Tweespian from Magnaball


By Matthew Bowers • Photo by Ryan “Superman” Swerdlin

Tweezer > Caspian.   Before they played it, if you had told me Prince Caspian would produce arguably the jam of the weekend, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it happened.

The second set on Saturday evening at Phish’s Magnaball was nothing short of mind blowing. The whole night was absolutely top notch Phish, but the two punch combo of Tweezer > Caspian to end the second set immediately put a stamp on its place in Phishtory.

After already dropping a huge 46 Days, the festival crowd was primed and ready for another monster jam to come. Lucky for everyone who was there (and on couch tour), the band would provide two more monsters before the setbreak.

I was lucky enough to be in attendance, and was also lucky to be at the top of the ferris wheel right when the tweezer started. The epic glowstick war that broke out was quite a sight to see from that perspective, definitely a moment I will never forget. Unforgettable would be a theme for the next 30 minutes after I stepped off that ferris wheel. The Tweezer was a psychedelic funk dance party, and the band was locked in firing on all cylinders, never once stalling out or letting up. Any Tweezer is welcome, but some Tweezers just have that “it” factor, and this was one of those.

When I was sure the Tweezer would be the highlight of the night, the subsequent Caspian came out of nowhere and ended up being my personal favorite jam of the weekend. What really struck me about this Caspian wasn’t just the incredible improv, but how the band kept finding ways to keep the music flowing. At one point the jam almost stops completely and it felt like they may segue into another song, but Fishman just kept plugging away and the rest of the band followed suit. This is a top jam of any year, and you can argue that it’s the most unique Caspian ever played. The fact that it was played 32 years into the bands career is a true testament to their talent and longevity, and it seems like they can keep finding that special place for many years to come.

Phish is capable of striking gold at any moment, and they had the Midas touch all day and night on Saturday. To anyone that hasn’t heard the shows yet, don’t discount the rest of the music from that day. There are plenty of quality jams, from the big 46 Days to the extended Blaze On, and a super funky Cities thrown in for good measure. Not to mention the hour long face melter of a late night set. 8/22/15 is a day full of Phish music that can stand up to any era, and it’s the reason we keep going to see them any chance we get.

Video by NotMKDevo

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