Phoniks: 12 Super Funky Remixes of Classic Wu-Tang Hits – “Shaolin Summer: The Remixes”


12 Super Funky Remixes of Classic Wu-Tang Hits – “Shaolin Summer: The Remixes”


The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most respected hip-hop groups in music history. This is no secret. If one was reworking music from their extensive and rather notable discography extreme caution must be used. One of Phonik’s first songs that got a lot of steam of Soundcloud and beyond was his remix of “C.R.E.A.M.”(dolla dolla bill y’all). Just this week Phoniks released a new mix-tape full of a bunch of uptempo funk and disco style remixes. These include heaters like “Criminology” and “3 Bricks”.

As Phoniks gears up to release “Knowledge Of Self” with Awon this fall he first surprises us with this funky mid-summer offering. A 12-track remix tape featuring jazz-funk and disco based flips on classic Wu-Tang material including songs such as “C.R.E.A.M.”, “Gravel Pit”, and “Criminology”. Phoniks takes performances that were originally spit over RZA’s dark, chilling instrumentals and turns them into upbeat, funk-driven summer jams. The high tempo disco breaks’s take the listener up past the mid-way point in the album where they succumb to more traditional jazz and soul style instrumentals that will keep the head nodding until the finish line. Altogether a very enjoyable listen on a nice summer day and what should become a staple in hip-hop head’s summer playlists. 

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About Phoniks
Phoniks is a hip-hop producer from Portland, Maine known for his vintage-90’s boom bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. The 24-year old beatmaker has amassed 10 million+ plays over the past two year’s through exposure from his original work with emcee’s Awon, Dephlow, and Anti-Lilly and his series of popular remix tapes on Soundcloud. His work has been featured on websites such as Earmilk, 2DopeBoyz, The Word Is Bond,, and The Source. Recently he has begun his own independent record label “Don’t Sleep Records” with partner Awon. Newest full-length album titled “Knowledge Of Self” with Awon dropping in mid-October.


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