Burlington Waterfront + Higher Ground Late Nights – 5 Acts Not to Miss

Lake Champlain Maritime Festival + Higher Ground Late Nights

moe., Warren Haynes feat. Railroad Earth, Twiddle, Soule Monde, & Cabinet


Here’s how the weekend breaks down:

On Friday, Twiddle takes the stage at the Waterfront at 6:30 pm with support from Soule Monde (Trey Anastasio Band’s Ray Pazcowski and Russ Lawton). After Twiddle, moe. will perform at Higher Ground at 10pm.

Then on Saturday, the bands will flip flop. moe. takes the stage at the Waterfront at 6pm with support from Cabinet. Then after moe., Twiddle will perform at Higher Ground starting at 11pm.


moe. 1

By Tripp Demoss

moe. is a rare jamband without a full-time keyboardist- that makes their sound unique. moe is a rarer jamband with two guitarists who were listed by Rolling Stone as some of the “Top 20 New Guitar Gods”- Chuck Garvey and Al Schnier-that makes their sound unique and better than most other music out there. Seriously, the only other band with that kind of firepower in recent years was the Allmans with Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes.

moe. lives and breathes the heartland. Americana is their true patois, and while you will only catch them doing a Band cover sporadically, their lyrics and musical style is corn-fed, home-brewed and rip-roarin’! Listen to Rob Derhak belt one out. Go ahead, go do it.

Before you think they’ve gone country, remember these guys cover a mean Zappa tune too. Jim Loughlin on the xylophone, Vinnie Amico rapping out on the drum kit, guitars throwing strikes…wow.   Oh, and for Halloween last year they did a musical version of the Big Lebowski intertwined with a moe. show. With Little Feat/Leftover Salmon’s Bill Payne on keyboards, dressed up as Sam Elliott’s cowboy narrator character. Holy cow!

Warren Haynes feat. Railroad Earth

Warren Haynes_PhotoCredit_Danny Clinch_GeneralPress1[1]

By Jeff Marsala

Warren Haynes a master of the guitar, you know this, I know this. But DO NOT overlook Warren’s expertise in the art of song-writing. His lyrical messaging is deep and complex, full of characters and themes, on par with some literary classics.

Musicians need several different creative outlets, Ashes & Dust, is a living testament to what happens when a musician dusts off old songs and writes new ones with reinvigorated inspiration aside from some of their current or former roles in other acts. With Warren and Derek’s departure from the Allman Brothers Band, meant more time for Gov’t Mule.  Glad to see Warren going even further to record this album with Railroad Earth. Railroad knows how conquer the art of the song, if you will, that most jambands struggle with.

Check out this video below of Warren and Railroad Earth performing the Allman Brothers classic, “Blue Sky”,  this past weekend at Gathering of the Vibes below.



If you’ve been following any jamband news in the past year and haven’t been living under a rock then you know that Twiddle is coming in guns a blazin’ to a city near you. In fact, just last month they opened for String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks.

“Blending uptempo reggae with deep grooves and funky basslines, these guys have a wide array of musical influences that they incorporate into their original material. They don’t just play their songs either, they take them for rides into the stratosphere with spot-on improvisation and a massive amount of talent.” – Matthew Bowers

Soule Monde


Where do I begin? This is a duo in the truest sense. Russ and Ray take the classic organ-drums band structure and take it to exploratory territories. Russ and Ray are a musician’s musician, which is probably why I enjoy them so much. It’d be difficult to passively attend a Soule Monde set. They deliver pure raw talent that demands the attention of a listener.

Russ Lawton caresses the drums , a technique that comes after years of heavy playing, jazz playing, and everything in-between. Russ knows when it is time to lay down the hammer and when to just go with the groove. Knowing the right place, right time, seems obvious. But trust me it is easier than it sounds. Lawton told us in a recent interview, “When I wake up at home, I wake up, make some tea, and I play.”Life for Lawton is on the kit and his time with the Trey Anastasio Band actually only scratches the surface of Lawton’s exceptional work.

Ray grasps the technical meets emotional with his key work. Not only that Ray holds down a very heavy bottom end while also performing lead passages.

“When seeing this band, make sure to listen out for its third member, Ray Paczkowski’s left hand!” – Ray Lamb (Aztec Sun Guitarist)

Here’s the takeaway… Soule Monde  is two top-tier musicians  in duo form mastering the art of live music improvisation and instrumental composition, don’t miss them.



By Matthew Bowers

Cabinet is one of those “sure thing” bands when you see them on a lineup. You know that you are in for a good time whenever they take the stage, and their energy is infectious.   If you don’t find yourself two- stepping and dancing around to their unique Pennsylvania bluegrass sound, you may be lacking a bit of soul and should consider loosening up. These guys are not just a party band either, they can flat out play and the quality of their original material is impressive to say the least. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live yet, I would strongly recommend you strap on your dancing shoes and get to a show as soon as you can.

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